Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

If you choose to be billed monthly for a Swinger Box subscription you will be billed at checkout for your first box. Your first box will ship within 48 hours. Your next box will be billed and shipped on the 15th of each following month.

Prepaid customers are charges upfront for their desired deliveries. After the term in over an email if sent with an option to renew the terms and schedule further Swinger Box deliveries.

What if my glove doesn't fit?

If you would like to exchange a glove for a different size please contact us and we will provide a shipping label for the package. Once received a replacement will be sent and your subscription will be updated to reflect the size change for future shipments.

What balls will arrive if I choose "mixed"?

All golf balls shipped are guaranteed to be gold rated on Golf Digest's HotList. You will always receive balls such as the ProV1, B330s, Taylormade Project A, Callaway SR, or equivalent.